Episode 5

RE - Framing

In this episode, we talk about rethinking and reframing to move ahead, to try something new and to possibly break free to become market leaders.

Using reframing of challenges to increase creativity and combat it from a different angle.

One of the simplest forms of reframing is opposites by thinking in the opposite manner and diverging from one perspective to the other perspective. Like changing the angle in a photo or a drawing to see how it looks from a completely different direction.

Reframing helps to combat stagnation in a company and also helps to innovate. Asking the most basic of questions.

R- Rethink the question

E - Engage the right people

F - Focus on the WHY

R - Rethink the question

A - Assume nothing

M - Make Lots of Bad Ideas 

E - Explore potential Solutions

Key Points:

  1. Changing a questioning the basic things and removing the basic things can give a whole new picture and understanding the problem at hand. Eg: what if a new CEO came in what would they do? Or If money was no objection how would we do it?
  2. Assumption is a fine line. You must assume certain things, but then we need to also weigh in the importance of that assumption to the decision that we are going to make.
  3. Sometimes we need a system to bring out the ideas in the people and some examples like google and AJ smart (A company that is known for using unconventional design systems that help to give a voice to everyone and also get the best results in the least time).
  4. Every time or everyone having a touchpoint with the customer is in marketing
  5. Focus on the Why, then create the process to achieve it.
  6. Marketers can benefit from having the mindset of an engineer. An engineer is a tinkerer who is never quite happy, they just want to keep improving.
  7. Rethinking business and reframing how you achieve your why can help to pivot the business especially in a time like COVID where a lot of businesses had to be reframed to change and keep afloat.



1:00 Why reframing

4:30 Questioning the basics

7:00 How to Reframe - Guide

13:40 Google design campus

17:00 Creating a System

21:00 Focusing on the WHY

27:00 Engineer’s mentality

32:00 Simon Sinek Application

39:00 The Hamilton Play

44:00 The Nintendo Reframe

“Marketing is searching for Right answers to the question that is always changing”

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